Patient Testimonials

“Well worth a slightly further drive!
My son had his wisdom teeth pulled two weeks ago. Seriously could not have been in nicer more capable hands! The office staff did mot hesitate to make sure my health and dental insurance would work together fir maximum coverage and the surgical staff was amazing. I can’t believe that there is a more complete office out there!
Thank you!”

Carolyn C.


“Dr. Bandrowsky and his staff are amazing! All of them made my 13 year old feel right at ease and comfortable. They are kind, caring, efficient, and professional. We couldn’t ask for a better team to take care of us. I hope we will be back with the siblings when we need wisdom teeth removed!”

Marsia R.


“I had to have one of my molars removed. Was having seriously difficult times finding an honest and competent place to use.

Called IOS up and one of their awesome staff members explained what I need and got me in the next day.

I’m not the biggest fan of dentists and having work on my mouth done. These guys were awesome.

So coincidentally after I repeat after I wrote the review maybe by one minute I got a phone call from the doctor himself asking how I was and making sure all was good.

Now that is some good service!”

 Ty N.

Dr. Bandrowsky and his staff are just wonderful. It’s nice to find somewhere so efficient and such a nice surgeon. I had oral surgery in his office just yesterday. From the initial appointment to the surgery itself in his office to the follow up call the next morning, I can’t imagine there’s a better experience out there. I would write a longer review but they all made it so quick an painless that there is thankfully nothing else to write. Thank you all so much!”


Erin S.


“I’m one of those dentalphobes that avoids the Dentist at all costs… to my own detriment. Had to have 3 Extractions this morning and was pretty nervous but Dr. B and Rosalba were awesome, made me feel super comfortable and I was in/out in 30 minutes. I hope I never have to come back… but if I do, I won’t be anywhere near as nervous as I was this time. Thanks for a great experience!”

Steven C.


“Absolutely the most incredible office for implant and oral surgery. I have never been treated with the utmost respect, importance, and kindness ever before in my entire life. I needed two teeth extracted and the receptionist was so helpful and kind to get me right in. She had already put me at ease before I even came in for the procedure. She has outstanding customer service skills. By far the best receptionist I have had the pleasure of talking to. I was so nervous and in so much pain. While Dr. Bandrowsky and his Assistant were extracting my teeth proceeded with such comfort, reassurance, and kindness towards me, because I was so scared. They touched my heart with how amazing I was treated and how comfortable they made me feel. Dr. Timothy Bandrowsky is the best doctor who has ever treated me. I am a type 1 diabetic so I am constantly in Dr offices and having so many different doctors to treat me so I was blown away by how amazing Dr Bandrowsky is. His kindness and compassion for me touched my heart and soul and he called me at home the very next day to see how I was feeling. I couldn’t believe it. My own family doesn’t even call me after I’m out of the hospital from being in a coma. Him calling me meant so much to me I can’t even find the words to describe how much it meant. It was the best gift knowing I was important to another person especially my doctor. Never has a doctor followed up with me or anyone I know. Truly such an amazing Doctor and office they are too good to be true. I wish all doctors and office staff were just like them”.

Elisabeth W.


“I had a painful tooth that had already undergone root canal therapy twice and was not responding. My endodontist recommended one last try with antibiotics and if not better, then extraction. After 3 days of antibiotics I was still in some discomfort. I called Dr. Bandrowsky’s office on Thursday night and left a message. Paula called me back first thing Friday morning and was extremely kind and understanding – she said they could get me in the same day for a consult and extraction! I was relieved and nervous, but when I got there Dr. Bandrowsky and Rose put my mind at ease. They walked me through everything, explained what I might experience, and comforted my worried brain along the way. The procedure itself was painless – weird, and interesting, but painless. I think it only took Dr. B. about 3 minutes to actually pull the tooth. Dr. B. said the tooth itself didn’t look right and there was some infection lingering – he assured me I had might the right decision getting it removed. I am only a few hours post-op now and have some soreness but nothing crazy. I also know if I need anything I can count on the awesome folks at Implant and Oral Surgery of CO to help me. Everyone here is extremely kind, professional, and caring. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs any kind of oral surgery”.

 Jamie B.   


“Hello! I had my wisdom teeth yanked yesterday (all 4). I’m 31 one years old and from what I had been told from friends and family, my extraction had the possibility of being something akin to a scene from The Little Shop of Horrors. Well it was the complete opposite. The staff, front desk to assistants to Dr. B were absolutely accommodating and professional! My actual procedure was quick and to the point w/o any issues. Thank you all for your great work”!

Michael B.


“Excellent experience. I was so nervous to have my wisdom teeth surgically removed and between the staff and the doctor everything went smoothly. Great job!!!!”

Brittany U.


“Dr. Bandrowsky had a great bedside manner, the procedure was quick, easy and painless. The staff in the office were amazingly helpful and nice. I would definitely use these guys again”.



“After taking an x-ray and finding out I had four wisdom teeth I was in shock, but Mr. Bandrowsky removed them with ease. I was supplied with grade A ice packs along with clear instructions on how to take care of myself post surgery. If I somehow i magically grew wisdom teeth again, I would return”.

Tad. P


“A++ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I’ve been to Dr. Brandowsky’s office for 02 extractions. Attention was perfect. He is very professional and makes sure you’re comfortable at all times. I did not feel any pain during the procedure. His staff is excellent and the office very clean”.

Carlos D.


“This was our third experience with wisdom teeth extraction and by far the best! Everyone in the office was friendly and supportive. Our daughter was immediately at ease with the process. Instructions were thorough and easy to understand. Follow-up was greatly appreciated! I highly recommend Dr. Bandowsky and his staff”.

Barbara B.


“I got my wisdom teeth out at implant and oral surgery of Colorado last year. Dr. Bandrowsky was very professional and kind. The assistants and the doctor made me feel very comfortable and eased my concerns. The procedure felt quick and I had very minimal pain afterward, which as you may know, isn’t usually the norm with wisdom teeth removal. Dr. Bandrowsky is a very skilled doctor who takes care to ensure his patients’ pain is minimal. A very good experience overall, I would definitely recommend Implant and Oral Surgery of Colorado to anyone needing dental work”.

Grace P.


“I am so pleased with the care I received from Dr. Bandrowsky and his staff. His care and expertise helped me through a difficult time. My dentist thought I might have oral cancer, but Dr. Bandrowsky didn’t agree. I was clenching while asleep and biting the inside of my cheeks. He fitted me for a new night guard which solved the problem. The doctor and his staff are all very caring. I also appreciate that they’re on time, and I can get in and out of their office in a timely manner. If I ever have future needs for an oral surgeon, I won’t hesitate to go to Dr. Bandrowsky”. 

Candace B.


“Dr. Bandrowsky removed my three (yes, only three) wisdom teeth last month. I was extremely comfortable the entire time and had absolutely no complications after the procedure. In fact, I was in such a good mood after “waking up” from the anesthesia that I was singing and taking selfies with Dr. Bandrowsky and his amazing assistant, Rosalba. And while I don’t actually remember that, I do have the evidence on my cell phone! 🙂 They were amazing and really made me feel like I was a member of their family. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Bandrowsky and Implant & Oral Surgery of Colorado to anyone and everyone”.

Brent G.


“After having to have a broken tooth extracted, Dr. Bandrowsky was very helpful in explaining my options for its replacement. Once I had enough information to make a good decision I chose to have an implant. The process went exactly as described and have been very pleased with the results. I strongly recommend Implant & Oral Surgery of Colorado”.

Daulton H.


“We drove down to Castle Rock from Broomfield for a wisdom tooth check as my daughter developed pain in her molar areas over the weekend. Dr. Bandrowsky and his staff fit us into their schedule quickly and took out all four wisdom teeth. The staff was very solicitous of my nervous daughter and her uptight mother. We liked them so much, we brought our other kid down for the same operation. Definitely worth the long drive. They provide excellent care and follow-up”.

Naomi M.


“I am, what most people would consider, a “dentist chicken” thus my need for Dr. Bandrowsky.  I have had three different procedures done by him and all I can say is he is a rock star!  He has the perfect personality to work on those who are apprehensive about any type of dental work ~ he is kind, understanding of my fears and does a fabulous/professional job!  In fact, I have never had to have my pain medication prescriptions filled because I have never had the need for them following any of my procedures.

I highly recommend him ~ you will not be disappointed, I promise!”

Sharon K.


“Dr. Bandrowsky was extremely competent and skilled. I was diagnosed by another MD and he referred me to an oral surgeon who it turned out was not in my provider network. I was later referred to Dr. Bandrowsky, where he correctly diagnosed my issue (misdiagnosis from the other MD), conducted an outpatient procedure, and followed up afterward. The procedure went great and I was back at 100% after a couple days.

His staff was professional and courteous, the office was well organized/clean, and overall I received excellent care. I would highly recommend this office for any oral surgery matters”.

Mike N.


“I had all three of my kids have their wisdom teeth out with Dr Brandrowsky. The whole staff was supportive, informative and attentive. They answered all our questions even over the weekend. I would highly recommended Dr Brandrowsky- he and his whole staff made a tough experience easier to manage!”

Shannon F.


“I would recommend this office to anyone anytime. Dr Bandrowsky is very professional and friendly. The staff is amazing. This office saved us when my husband had a bad fall and knocked out three teeth. Dr. Bandrowsky was caring and accommodating. We will be loyal patients of this office for life!”

 Leanne M.


“Great dentist!! And a genuinely nice man! We need more Dr’s/people like him in this world! God bless you!”

Blayke A.


“Dr. Bandrowsky and his team are amazing. They are so caring and make you feel comfortable every chance they get. Simply the best!”



“I had my four wisdom teeth extracted here, three which weren’t complicated but one was a tricky one as it wasn’t pointing in the correct direction. Before they could be any trouble they were extracted. The whole process was as smooth as taking nap. After the procedure, I had no pain and quickly I resumed my daily activities. Dr. Bandrowsky and the staff were great in explaining everything”.

Alejandro V.


“I took my daughter to have her 4 wisdom teeth removed. I have to say that Dr. Bandrowsky is amazing. My daughter felt nervous just with the idea of the surgery. We got there and after talking to the doctor she felt comfortable and confident. The procedure was faster than we expected. Dr. Bandrowsky took the time to talk to us, to explain everything and he made sure that we understood the homecare part. We definitely recommend Dr. Bandrowsky for any oral surgery. You will be in professional, caring and excellent hands”.

Diana R.


“I got all four of my wisdom teeth taken out and literally felt no pain! I’ll admit I was a bit apprehensive about getting my wisdom teeth removed at all, because of the different opinions from all my different dentists. I figured it would be a good decision especially before my insurance (under my parents) expires. So I looked for insurance approved BCBS oral surgeons, picked the one with the best reviews, and booked a consultation. Of course there were some risks and waivers associated with the procedure, but it all made sense. What really convinced me that I was in good hands was when Dr. Brandrowsky came in took a look at my x-rays (one was growing in vertically, another was hard to tell) and said “yeah the top two are not a problem, I’ll have to crack at least one of the bottom teeth and the other might be a bit of a challenge”. Seemed like it was a very standard practice for him. That and his military background made it a heck of a lot easier to call and book the surgery. Got a date for surgery the very next week. He got all four teeth out in 90 minutes, and I didn’t feel a thing! No pain that day, or the recovery! Yes I did the IV sedation which and I had no clue how, “there” I would be. Still can’t describe that, but I felt great about whole thing! It must have worn off a little as soon as he was done because I felt like I just got through getting my teeth cleaned. Of course I followed the schedule for the anti-inflammatory drugs, rinsing (with this nifty syringe they give you), but I only needed the drugs for the first day. Yes my mouth was a little sore, couldn’t open wide for a few days, and looked like a chipmunk. However I did not experience any pain. Stitches dissolved themselves. I got my prescriptions, instructions, extra gauze, mouth wash, water syringe all in the consultation. I really can’t say enough about the level of professionalism and procedure. It was all there, from the consultation to the follow-ups and more to everything in between. It was my pleasure to be under their care! Like most people the few reviews I do write are usually not good. However excellence should not be ignored!”

Steven M.


“This place is a great place! Dr. Bandrowsky and his team are a great group. Even a follow up call was given from the Doctor himself. I just wished I had like 80 more wisdom teeth that needed pulled, that IV was awesome!!! Thank you”.

Jonny O.