Why Use an Oral Surgeon Rather Than A Regular Dentist?

Many people confuse oral surgeons and general dentists, thinking that both types of specialists perform the same types of interventions. The truth is that the two types of doctors do very different things – here are some things that you should know.

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While many procedures are performed by both types of doctors, general dentists are specialized in applying fillings, inlays and overlays, in doing professional dental cleaning, in taking molds and mounting crowns and bridges and in performing root canal treatments. Oral surgeons, on the other hand, are trained and qualified to perform more complex procedures many of which involve surgical interventions. The most common types of treatments that you should turn to a trusted oral surgeon in Colorado Springs for include the mounting of dental implants, the removal of any growth in the oral cavity, such as tumors, obstructed saliva glands or papillomas, surgical interventions performed to realign the jaw line, jaw surgery and interventions intended to correct the issues caused by facial trauma or accidents.

The offices used by the two types of specialists are different, too. While general dentists use offices equipped with the dentist chairs that we all know, oral surgeons also have an operating room where they perform the surgical interventions among sterile circumstances.