What is TMJ

TMJ is the abbreviation of the Temporomandibular Joint and also the name of the painful syndrome associated with the joint. The joint is the linking element between the lower jaw, called the mandible, and the skull, called the temporal bone and it also includes some of the muscles used during chewing and speaking as well many nerves and bones.

TMJ - oral surgeon Colorado Springs

If the TMJ is affected by a trauma, the patient might develop what is called a TMJ syndrome, a painful condition of the joint that prevents proper chewing, even speaking. The trauma sustained by the TMJ can be external, such as a severe blow, but it can also be internal, caused by teeth grinding or jaw tightening. Other conditions that might cause the appearance of the TMJ syndrome is osteoarthritis that causes the joints and the bones in the body, including the face, to change its structure and rheumatoid arthritis that causes inflammations in the joints.

The symptoms of TMJ syndrome include severe pain in the affected area, ringing in the ear, ear infections, hearing loss, jaw swelling, jaw locking, muscle spasms, headaches, dizziness, nausea, even vomiting. The treatment of the syndrome is usually mainly symptomatic, with anti-inflammatory drugs, cold compresses and a diet consisting of soft foods. It is also important that you visit your regular dentist who may refer you to an oral surgeon Colorado Springs professional.