What Is an Oral Implant?

Dental implants are the most modern dental replacement solutions, artificial teeth made from strong and lightweight material, mounted one at a time.

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Implants look and feel every bit as natural teeth and they are also strong enough for supporting bridges. Here are some other things to know about the solution:

  • The components of a dental implant – implants consist of a screw, usually made from titanium, that is mounted into the jaw and fuses with the jaw bone and an abutment that is mounted on the screw and has the role of supporting the visible part of the implant: the crown;
  • The duration of the procedure – the first step of getting an implant is to make sure that the jaw bone is strong enough to receive the screw. If you want to have an implant in the gap left by a recently extracted tooth, be prepared to wait 4-6 months before you can get the titanium screw mounted. After the screw is mounted, you need to allow about the same amount of time for the screw to fuse with the jaw bone, then the abutment is installed and if the body receives it well, the final part, the crown can be installed.

You can learn more about this procedure by talking to a IOSC dental implants Colorado Springs professional.