What is A Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth in each row, large, vestigial molars that no longer play a role in chewing and grinding our food. Wisdom teeth usually erupt late, in some cases they are not fully developed until the age 20 and for many people, the wisdom teeth are the first ones that need to be extracted.

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Having no practical role, according to wisdom teeth removal Castle Rock specialists, wisdom teeth are considered to be a source of problems even for people who maintain a rigorous oral cleaning regimen and have otherwise healthy teeth. Wisdom teeth often fail to erupt correctly and they might also grow in the wrong direction – issues that might seriously impact the other teeth in the row, pushing them and causing them to become crowded or otherwise damaged. Wisdom teeth are also more difficult to clean than other teeth, therefore they are more sensitive to developing cavities and infections – problems that also have an impact on the other teeth. All these difficulties increase the complexity of removing wisdom teeth, the process usually involving surgery performed under sedation. The healing of the surgical area is usually longer than in the case of other teeth and the patient needs to pay extra attention to cleaning and wound care.