What is a Dental Implant Procedure?

Dental implants are the most modern solutions for filling the gaps left by extracted teeth, artificial teeth that feel and look every bit like natural teeth. The process of getting an implant starts with a mold of the patient’s mouth and a CT scan of the jaw to help the dental implants Castle Rock specialist decide whether the place where the implant needs to be inserted is sufficiently strong to receive the implant. If it is not, the surgeon might decide to insert a piece of artificial bone to stimulate the jawbone or might decide to strengthen the jaw with other methods.

dental implants

If the area where the implant will be inserted is strong enough, a cylindrical titanium post is inserted into the jaw. This first step needs to be followed by a period of healing, during which the post becomes surrounded by bone and the body accepts the foreign object. If everything goes well, a few months after the first intervention, the patient receives an abutment on top of the post and another period of healing follows. The final phase of the procedure is the design and creation of the tooth crown. The crown is made by a dental technician in a lab, from the material selected by the patient – when it is ready, the crown is installed on top of the abutment and the process is complete.