What Does an Oral Surgeon Do?

Dental surgery refers to a set of treatments that involve repairing and performing corrections in the teeth, gums and maxillary bones.

The most common practice of dental surgery is represented by extractions that become necessary when a tooth is destroyed and can no longer be restored or may cause complications. Dental surgery is also the basis for dental implants or dental bridges.

Castle Rock oral surgery

Castle Rock oral surgery specialists solve even the most complicated cases such as: maxillary cysts, apical granulomas, impacted or semi-impacted wisdom teeth and/ or canines, periapical curettage and many more. They offer specialized surgical treatments, by applying the latest methods, techniques and technologies in the field of oral surgery and digital implantology.

Prior to the surgery, the medical team will go through the oral surgery protocol with the patient, to ensure the smooth running of the entire process. The surgeon will review your medical history and that is why it is very important to indicate in your medical record all your current health conditions and treatments.

Depending on the complexity of the surgery you need and your medical history, you may be prescribed antibiotics before treatment, and even a diet to be respected before surgery (you should avoid eating or drink 8 hours before the surgery). Patients suffering from certain diseases will be closely monitored by the surgeon, to avoid complications.