What Does an Oral Surgeon Do?

An oral surgeon is a doctor who is a trained and qualified general dentist and has also specialized in surgical interventions performed on the jaw area of the head. Here are some of the most common interventions performed by oral surgeons:

  • Interventions to install dental implants – most oral surgeons also specialize in dental implants, these modern dental replacement solutions that are becoming increasingly popular. Dental implants are artificial teeth that are mounted into the gum and they work and feel exactly like natural teeth; IOSC is a top notch dental implants Castle Rock practice. See them for dental implants and other oral surgery procedures as well for care you can trust.
  • Wisdom teeth extractions – wisdom teeth are usually removed by oral surgeons, not by general dentists because in most cases they require complicated interventions and special tools;

dental implant

  • The removal of inflamed saliva glands – another very common intervention performed by oral surgeons is the removal of obstructed and inflamed saliva glands from the inner lips or from other areas of the oral cavity;
  • Corrective jaw surgery – oral surgeons are the specialists to turn to for the correction of any issues caused by facial trauma or accidents that affect the jaw’s bones and muscles;
  • The removal of tumors – oral surgeons are also trained in removing benign or malignant tumors from the oral cavity or from the facial area.