What Are the Most Common Surgeries by Oral Surgeons?

Oral surgeons are doctors who have completed training as a general dentist and specialize in maxillo-facial surgery. Here are some of the most common types of surgical interventions performed by oral surgeons:

  • Wisdom tooth extractions – wisdom teeth are vestigial molars that do not take part in chewing or biting any more, therefore they are the teeth that decay the first and they often cause very severe problems because they cannot erupt or grow properly. Such problems usually can only be solved surgically, by removing the wisdom tooth;

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  • Other dental extractions – many general dentists today refer all their patients who need extractions to an extraction expert, like sedation dentistry Castle Rock oral surgeons. Specialists in oral surgery frequently do all sorts of extractions, whether simple or more complicated;
  • The installation of dental implants – the most advanced dental replacement solution is usually performed by oral surgeons because the procedure requires minor incisions in the gums to create space for the implant;
  • Removing warts and other oral growths – the removal of oral papillomas and swollen saliva glands are also among the most common interventions performed by oral surgeons;
  • Corrective jaw surgery – whether it is surgery performed to restore the function of the jaw, to repair the issues caused by a facial trauma or accidents or to correct birth defects, oral surgeons frequently perform complicated surgery on the joints, the bones and the muscles of the jaw as well.