The Types of Procedures Performed by an Oral Surgeon

Colorado Springs oral surgery

Oral surgeons are medical specialists trained to perform the procedures in the field of expertise of general dentists as well to perform surgical interventions. Here are the most common afflictions that can be treated by experienced Colorado Springs oral surgery physicians:

  • Dental implants – dental implants are the most modern and best replacement teeth available today. They consist of titanium cylinders inserted into the jaw bone to serve as the base for the visible part of the replacement tooth after the body has accepted the titanium root. The installation of dental implants requires a surgical intervention to open the gum and to insert the implant and is among the most common treatments performed by oral surgeons;
  • Complicated removals – you should turn to an oral surgeon if the tooth that you need to get extracted is infected, if its root is fractured or if it is a wisdom tool the removal of which requires special experience, knowledge and tools;
  • Reconstructive surgeries – oral surgeons are the experts who perform surgeries to correct maxillofacial skeletal deformities and they are the ones who perform the interventions to correct the lesions caused by injuries or traumas;
  • Treatment for pathologic conditions – oral surgeons remove benign growth from the oral cavity and they provide treatment for lesions, such as wounds and aftas.