The Importance of Oral Care

Oral Health - Implant & Oral Surgery Of Colorado

Your oral health is closely linked to your overall health – any issue that affects your mouth can affect the rest of the body, too. Here is how your oral health impacts how well your body functions:

  • The mouth is the entry point to the body – the mouth is the barrier that prevents harmful viruses and bacteria from getting into the respiratory and the digestive tract and any inflammation or infection that affects the mouth can spread to the throat, the lungs, the stomach and to other organs;
  • The affections of the mouth can cause severe affections in major organs of the body – several diseases are closely linked to the health of the oral cavity, such as endocarditis (the inflammation of the inner lining of the heart), artery clogging, even stroke.

The strong link between general health and oral health also means that a rigorous oral healthcare regimen is a great way to stay healthy. The routine is simple: brush your teeth and swish with a good mouthwash twice a day, floss once, protect your teeth from impact and from thermal shock and schedule a visit to your dentist every six months even if you think that you don’t have any dental issues. Should you need additional dental services above your routine cleaning and exam, see Implant & Oral Surgery Of Colorado as directed by your dentist.