The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

sedation dentistry Castle Rock

Castle Rock oral surgeons offer sedation to patients who are scared of the intervention they are about to undergo. Help to overcome fear and anxiety is just one out of the many benefits of sedation dentistry – here are some others:

  • Easier, more efficient treatment – the dentist can work more efficiently on a sedated patient and can do more in less time than during a conventional treatment session performed on a patient who is awake;
  • Fewer appointments – more work done during a dental visit reduces the total number of sessions required to solve all the dental problems in the patient’s mouth;
  • Time to relax – it might sound incredible, but many patients who have tried sedation dentistry say that the treatment session was like a refreshing afternoon nap, an opportunity to take a break from a busy schedule;
  • Getting used to dental treatments – sedation dentistry can be used as exposure therapy as well. Many patients find sedation a great way to overcome their fear of the dentist, help to become more confident;
  • Pain relief – sedation dentistry Castle Rock patients don’t feel any pain, so the method is great for very painful intervention and for patients who are allergic to lidocaine or to other local anesthetics.