Symptoms of a Tooth Infection

Everyone has their own vision of health problems. Some choose to consider them right from the first signs, others refuse to accept them, until it is too late, and there are also some who invent them. But there are conditions that, although very serious, they have only vague symptoms and you feel them only at the time of aggravation. That`s why regular medical control is so important, and having your teeth checked regularly by a dentist is no exception.

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Infections in the oral cavity are problems that people pay very little attention to, at least in the first stage. Few people know that such problems can extend to other organs and turn into general health problems, becoming even a life threat. These infections are sometimes asymptomatic, but can be easily detected by dental checkups, every six months.

There are three main causes of dental infections:

  • Caries
  • Obturations
  • External trauma

You should be alarmed if:

  • The pain is strong and is accompanied by local or extended inflammation in the neighboring structures
  • You are having trouble swallowing or breathing
  • You get fever

In these cases, it is necessary to have a dental appointment or even to call the emergency medical services, if your symptoms are particularly bad. You may be referred to a well known oral surgeon in Colorado Springs.

For dental infections to be effectively treated, they must be located exactly. They require both the intervention of the dentist, depending on the severity of the infection, as well as the antibiotic treatment, to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria.