Signs You May Need an Oral Surgeon

Oral surgeons are medical experts who treat oral problems outside the competence of general dentists – if you visit your dentist with such a problem, the doctor will probably refer you to a specialist trained in general dentistry as well as in the surgical procedures performed in the mouth. Here are some of the issues that probably require treatment by an oral surgeon Castle Rock dental expert:

oral surgeon Castle Rock

  • Broken tooth roots – if the crown of the tooth breaks and leaves the deeper structures of the tooth exposed, you will probably need to see an oral surgeon for the removal of the roots;
  • Wisdom tooth removal – wisdom teeth are vestigial molars that no longer play any role in chewing and grinding food, therefore they often fail to erupt or to grow properly, causing serious dental problems, including pain, infections and the crowding of the other teeth in the row. Wisdom teeth require special techniques to remove, so if you need to get rid of one or multiple wisdom teeth, the intervention needs to be performed by an experienced oral surgeon;
  • Dental implants – inserting dental implants into the gaps left behind after dental extractions is also among the problems that you should turn to an oral surgeon for.