Sedation Dentistry Options – What is Right for You?

Most dental treatments are performed under a type of anesthesia. This way, the patient does not feel any pain. However, there are many patients who manifest an exaggerated anxiety when they come to the dentist, and if they are children, they may not even cooperate. There are also patients with mental illnesses who also make collaboration with the dentist almost impossible.

The solution is not to leave the patient untreated or apply force to immobilize them. Modern dentistry is performed under sedation, so the patient will be treated completely atraumatically and much more efficiently. In one session, the dentist will be able to solve procedures that would normally require more sessions.

sedation dentistry Colorado Springs

There are several methods of sedation dentistry Colorado Springs oral surgeons offer for patients.  The dentist and anesthesiologist will discuss with them the treatment options available and will suggest the most appropriate method, depending on the patient’s health history, age and dental conditions.

Types of anesthesia

  • Nitrogen inhalation in combination with oxygen – suitable for medium anxiety, in patients of all ages
  • Sedation by oral administration of a specific type of medication – provides relaxation and comfort during treatment
  • Intravenous analgesia – suitable for complicated extractions, such as wisdom tooth
  • General anesthesia – suitable for patients with disabilities, who do not cooperate with the dentist