Reasons Why Wisdom Teeth Should be Removed


Impacted wisdom teeth represent a condition involving the eruption of these teeth that is prevented by the gums, bone, and other teeth. In such cases, Implant & Oral Surgery Of Colorado professionals recommend wisdom tooth extraction. There are different reasons why this is the best option:

  • When the impacted wisdom tooth causes the bacteria to gather around and infect neighbor teeth, causing the apparition of caries
  • When the gum surrounding the impacted wisdom teeth can become infected and, in this case, bacteria will accumulate between the gum and the tooth, at which point the inflammation occurs, then the painful infection, which will generate pain, bad breath etc.
  • When the wisdom tooth prevents the proper development of an orthodontic treatment
  • When the patient has real mastication problems because of the eruption of a wisdom tooth
  • When the wisdom tooth is not in the correct position and pushes the tooth next to it, causing crooked teeth and incorrect bite

Extraction of the wisdom tooth by dental surgery will be done with local anesthesia. If this procedure is not delayed, it will prevent infections, pain and potential complications. Doctors suggest extraction as early as possible, while the root of the wisdom tooth is not fully formed, because the procedure will be much simpler.