Oral Care Tips

Practicing proper and regular oral care is the best way to ensure that your teeth stay strong and beautiful and that your gums stay healthy, too. Here are some tips:

  • Practice good oral hygiene – brushing your teeth at least twice a day, followed by swishing with a good-quality mouthwash and flossing once a day should all be part of your oral hygiene regimen;
  • Never skip a dental visit – dental problems are easier to treat when they are still small, so your semi-annual visits to your dentists are essential for stopping any problem on its tracks. The visits are important even if you don’t have any noticeable problems with your teeth and your gums;
  • Don’t consume tobacco products and limit your alcohol intake to the minimum – both substances can start inflammatory processes in the body that might also affect your teeth and gums negatively;
  • Pay attention to your diet – limit your intake of sugar and make sure that you consume plenty of chewy foods that promote saliva secretion. Consume plenty of fruits as well, they have cleaning effects in the oral cavity;
  • Go to the dentist immediately if you notice any changes in your oral cavity – even healthy teeth can break, even healthy gums can become sensitive, so see a dentist immediately if you notice any changes in your mouth. If you need a dental implant or wisdom teeth removal, your dentist may refer you to a Castle Rock oral surgery center specialist for expert care in these areas.

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