How to Keep Your Gums Healthy

Colorado Springs oral surgery
Gum health is an essential component of overall oral health and also a condition of a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. Here are some tips from Colorado Springs oral surgery experts about how to keep your gums healthy:
– The importance of flossing – flossing should be part of your dental cleaning routine. While brushing your teeth twice a day is indispensable, flossing at least once is also important because that is the only way to remove the tiny residues that get stuck in the narrow space between the teeth and are responsible for the development of plaque, for the appearance of caries and ultimately for gum disease;
– Use the right cleaning products – a toothbrush that is not too hard, but not too soft either, good-quality dental floss, a special mouthwash with a formula that protects the gums and fluoride toothpaste are all necessary;
– Regular visits to the dentist – your dentist can detect any issues that affect your gums, so it is essential to stick to your six-monthly schedule even if you have no problems with your teeth and gums;
– Pay attention to what you eat and drink – avoid the usual culprits, such as sweets, sweetened beverages and very hard foods that can hurt your gums and damage your teeth.