Causes of a Toothache

Most of the time, people perceive a toothache as a common problem, therefore they ignore it and do not reach the dentist unless the pain becomes unbearable. If it persists for a longer period or you feel severe pain when you bite, you may have either simple tooth decay or a more serious dental condition.

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According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, toothache can be caused by:

  • the presence of dental caries
  • the presence of an abscess
  • sinusitis
  • an ear disorder
  • a wound in the oral cavity
  • a heart attack, which can be accompanied by pain in the neck or jaw area

How to prevent dental pain:

  • brush your teeth after each meal
  • clean your teeth with the help of dental floss
  • make a dental consultation twice a year
  • avoid smoking
  • follow a balanced diet with low sugar and starch content

Dental pain treatment

Until you reach your dentist or oral surgeon Castle Rock practitioner, you can relieve the pain by rinsing your mouth with warm water and using dental floss to remove all food debris. Never use a sharp instrument to remove food stuck between your teeth, because you will cause greater pain and even bleeding.

You can take an analgesic, but avoid putting it directly on the painful area – it can burn sensitive tissue. Instead, try applying a cold compress on your cheek.