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Searching for an Expert Oral Surgeon

Dental surgery is a branch of dentistry that involves profound changes in the teeth, the facial bones and the entire oral cavity, in general. Oral surgeons perform interventions from ranging from facial reconstruction following accidents, dental implants, tumors and cysts that appear in the facial musculature. Types of surgery: Simple dental extractions Complicated dental extractions […]

What Does an Oral Surgeon Do?

Dental surgery refers to a set of treatments that involve repairing and performing corrections in the teeth, gums and maxillary bones. The most common practice of dental surgery is represented by extractions that become necessary when a tooth is destroyed and can no longer be restored or may cause complications. Dental surgery is also the […]

Causes of a Toothache

Most of the time, people perceive a toothache as a common problem, therefore they ignore it and do not reach the dentist unless the pain becomes unbearable. If it persists for a longer period or you feel severe pain when you bite, you may have either simple tooth decay or a more serious dental condition. […]

Sedation Dentistry Options – What is Right for You?

Most dental treatments are performed under a type of anesthesia. This way, the patient does not feel any pain. However, there are many patients who manifest an exaggerated anxiety when they come to the dentist, and if they are children, they may not even cooperate. There are also patients with mental illnesses who also make […]

Symptoms of a Tooth Infection

Everyone has their own vision of health problems. Some choose to consider them right from the first signs, others refuse to accept them, until it is too late, and there are also some who invent them. But there are conditions that, although very serious, they have only vague symptoms and you feel them only at […]

Reasons Why Wisdom Teeth Should be Removed

Impacted wisdom teeth represent a condition involving the eruption of these teeth that is prevented by the gums, bone, and other teeth. In such cases, Implant & Oral Surgery Of Colorado professionals recommend wisdom tooth extraction. There are different reasons why this is the best option: When the impacted wisdom tooth causes the bacteria to […]

What is a Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

Normally, an adult has 32 teeth. Wisdom teeth are the rearmost ones and, at the same time, they are the last erupting teeth. They typically erupt between the age of 17 and 25 years, but often they appear even later. Wisdom teeth are represented by four molars: two in the upper teeth (right and left) […]

What is the Difference Between a Dentist and an Oral Surgeon?

General dentists and local Colorado Springs oral surgery doctors perform very similar procedures on patients, but they are also very different in terms of training, expertise and the equipment that they use for the interventions. To become oral surgeons, medical students need to complete the training required to become general dentists, after which they must […]